Taking the Test

Once you registered online, admission tickets will be generated online and can be printed. Note: Level 1 test-takers cannot register online and must register through the Chinese Flagship Center. Admission tickets for level 1 (and for students registered through paper) will be issued through the Chinese Flagship Center.

Please note that all test-takers are required to present a photo ID and their admission ticket before entering the HSK test location on the test date.

  • Both the Test Admission Ticket and a photo ID are required for admission to the testing room. Please be sure to come at least 15 minutes before test time to check in.
  • Please bring only pencils and erasers. A test-taker should have nothing on the table but the test booklet, answer sheet, pencils, and erasers. All other books, reference guides, papers, or electronic devices of any kind are prohibited.
  • People taking the test who are less than five minutes late can enter the testing room. Those who are more than five minutes late but less than thirty-five minutes late may enter the testing room only after the first section (Listening Comprehension) is finished, with NO make-up for the missed section. No test-takers that are more than thirty-five minutes late will be admitted to the testing center; such test-takers automatically lose the opportunity to take the test, with NO make-up whatsoever.

We recommend that you save your admission tickets so you can use it to check your test results later online. See details in the “Test Results” section.

Testing Schedule

2016 Test Dates:

HSK Exam
Exam Request Deadline: Nov. 5, 2016
Registration Deadline: Nov. 14, 2016
Day of Exam: Dec. 3, 2016

Test Locations:

Brigham Young University
Building & Room TBA