Registering for the HSK

Check back later for test registration dates.


While all Flagship students and others are welcome to take the HSK, only the Early Flagship students who have not taken the HSK test before are required to do so. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to participate in the test to see your progress constantly. Below is a reference for you to determine your test levels:

  • 2 year advanced Flagship students - level 5 written test and advanced oral test
  • 3 year advanced Flagship students - level 4 written test and intermediate oral test
  • Early Flagship students - level 1 written test (completion of Chin 101) or level 2 written test (completion of Chin 102), and beginning oral test.

Please note that if you have missed the paper registration deadline, the Flagship office will automatically register early Flagship students in the appropriate level test noted above.


To save registrants from headaches and time dealing with paper registration, we will send a registration form to each individual via email. Please fill out the registration form completely and legibly. The Center is not responsible for any errors registrants make on the forms. The required information in the form includes:

  1. Photo. Requirement for photos:
    • Format : JPG/JPEG
    • File Size : below 100KB
    • Recent bareheaded photo without a turban, hair band or sunglasses
    • White background ( you can just stand infront of a white wall and take a picture)
    • Showing the front face of the test
    • Showing the head and the upper part of shoulders
  2. Level you plan to take
  3. English name
  4. Chinese name
  5. ID Type
  6. ID Number
  7. Gender
  8. Date of Birth
  9. Nationality
  10. Native Language
  11. E-mail
  12. Phone number
  13. Number of years learning Chinese

A confirmation message will be sent out 15 days prior to the test date if provided valid email address. Please check your information carefully and notify Chinese Flagship Office immediately if there's anything wrong with your personal information.


If you are an early Flagship student and have never taken the HSK before, the Flagship Program will pay for your test fees. Those who do not meet the criteria above will need to pay for their own test including Flagship students for whom this test might be optional. We accept checks and money orders. The amount is based on the fee table below:

  • Level 1: $20
  • Level 2: $30
  • Level 3: $40
  • Level 4: $50
  • Level 5: $60
  • Level 6: $70
  • Beginner: $20
  • Intermediate: $30
  • Advanced: $40


A month after the test date, students are eligible to go online to (using Internet Explorer) to check their test results. They will need their 18 digit admission ticket number to check test results online. If you cannot see your score, you can also check the grading progress and announcements on the website.


Each listening, reading, and writing components of the HSK tests is worth 100 points. For HSK-Level 1 and 2 tests, the maximum possible score is 200 and students must attain at least 120 points to pass the tests. For HSK-Level 3, 4, 5, 6 tests, the maximum possible score is 300 and students must attain at least 180 points to pass these tests.


The oral tests have a maximum score of 100. Students must have at least 60 points to pass.


Please note that all test-takers are required to present a photo ID and their admission ticket before entering the HSK test location on the test date.

  • Both the Test Admission Ticket and a photo ID are required for admission to the testing room. Please be sure to come at least 15 minutes before test time to check in.
  • Please bring only pencils and erasers. A test-taker should have nothing on the table but the test booklet, answer sheet, pencils, and erasers. All other books, reference guides, papers, or electronic devices of any kind are prohibited.
  • People taking the test who are less than five minutes late can enter the testing room. Those who are more than five minutes late but less than thirty-five minutes late may enter the testing room only after the first section (Listening Comprehension) is finished, with NO make-up for the missed section. No test-takers that are more than thirty-five minutes late will be admitted to the testing center; such test-takers automatically lose the opportunity to take the test, with NO make-up whatsoever.

We recommend that you save your admission tickets so you can use it to check your test results later online. See details in the "Test Results" section.

Testing Schedule

2016 Test Dates:

HSK Exam
Exam Request Deadline: Nov. 5, 2016
Registration Deadline: Nov. 14, 2016
Day of Exam: Dec. 3, 2016

Test Locations:

Brigham Young University
Building & Room TBA