Other Chinese Tests Offered

In addition to the standard HSK tests, Hanban also offers the Business Chinese Test (BCT) and the Young Learners Chinese Test (YCT) which will also be administered at the Chinese Flagship Center.

Business Chinese Test (BCT)


Relevant to the HSK, the Business Chinese Test serves as important indicators for a learner’s use of Chinese in a professional work environment. As a result, the test serves the need of government departments, businesses and various universities and colleges of all countries. The test results are also commonly used to exempt students’ participation in relevant business Chinese language courses. Students with at least elementary or higher levels of Chinese language proficiency are suited for the test. Certificates are awarded when test-takers meet minimum proficiency scores.

The Business Chinese Test is a standardized test designed to assess the learners’ communicative capabilities in applying Chinese language to conduct business. Two independent tests in the BCT are the BCT (Listening & Reading) and BCT (Speaking & Writing). Examination candidates can opt for one of the two tests, or both.

  • BCT-Level 1: Examination candidates who reach BCT-level 1 are still unable to apply Chinese in their business activities.
  • BCT-Level 2: Examination candidates who reach BCT-level 2 can use Chinese to serve the basic communication needs of their business activities.
  • BCT-Level 3: Examinees who reach BCT-level 3 can use Chinese effectively in their business activities.
  • BCT-Level 4: Examinees who reach BCT-level 4 can use Chinese skillfully in their business activities.
  • BCT-Level 5: Examinees who reach BCT-level 5 can use Chinese freely and appropriately in their business activities.

Young Learners Chinese Test (YCT)


Just as the HSK is tailored for college and university students, the Youth Chinese Test is a standardized Chinese proficiency test for non-native Chinese learners under the age of 15. The new YCT test consists of two independent parts: written and oral test. The written test is made up of four levels from YCT-Level 1 to YCT-Level 4. The oral exam includes YCT (elementary) and YCT (intermediate).

  • YCT-Level 1: Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 1 can understand and put into practice vocabulary and sentences for daily use and have a foundation to pursue more advanced Chinese studies.
  • YCT-Level 2: Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 2 can understand and use simple words and sentences to accomplish specific communication tasks.
  • YCT-Level 3: Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 3 can use Chinese language to do simple and direct conversation about familiar daily topic, and achieve excellent level in the primary Chinese.
  • YCT-Level 4: Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 4 can complete basic communicative tasks in daily life and study. If traveling in China, YCT-Level 4 can handle most communication tasks they encounter.

Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Registration


Testing Schedule

2016 Test Dates:

HSK Exam
Exam Request Deadline: Nov. 5, 2016
Registration Deadline: Nov. 14, 2016
Day of Exam: Dec. 3, 2016

Test Locations:

Brigham Young University
Building & Room TBA